• I'm finally back to full strength in the gym with no pain.
    Russell R
  • Thanks so much for creating this program. Very informative.
    Staci W
  • The amount of content on this site was far more than I expected. I highly recommend this program to anyone recovering from a Biceps Tenodesis.
    Avi T


Success Is Up To You

Don’t let shoulder surgery or a bicep tear change the way you live! Attack your Rehab the right way and get your life back with no restrictions!


Who We Are...

You’re probably here because you are considering surgery, scheduled for surgery, or just had a Biceps Tenodesis. You came to the right place.
You are about to discover that you CAN recover from your injury and get your life back with no restrictions! Rehabbing your shoulder and biceps post surgery is just as important as the surgery itself.
Take control, just like I did, and follow me week-by-week as I go through my rehab after a Bicep Tenodesis.

Phase 1

Pre & Post Op

Learn How To Prepare For Surgery

Develop The Right Mindset To Trusting The Process

Discover How To Manage Post Op Pain

Phase 2

Life in the Sling (0-3 weeks post op)

Follow JP As He Goes Through Several Weeks Immobilized With You

Watch Rehab Exercise Videos That Are Crucial To Your Recovery

Discover When & How To Start Activating Muscles To Reduce Muscle Atrophy

Phase 3

Getting Full Range of Motion (4-8 weeks Post-op)

Tips & Tricks to Regain Full Range of Motion by 6-8 weeks!

Discover Simple Methods to Have Pain Free, Full Function of Your Shoulder and Biceps

Watch JP’s entire Process as he regains Full ROM, Just As You Will

Phase 4

Regaining Your Strength (9-16 weeks Post-op)

Learn Simple Methods to Gain Full Strength in Your Shoulder

Uncover How You Can Come Back Stronger Than Ever!

Discover Exercise Progressions That You Need To Be Doing

Get instant access to over 25 rehab videos and weekly excercise PDF’s to get you back to 100%.